Aldamira Bonsai

A Love for Tree’s

A Small Bonsai Garden in the Great Lakes State

Seedlings & Bonsai Starts

We propagate select cultivars in-house and grow a variety of hard-to-find native, rare and exotic tree species for local sale and development.

Yamadori & Pre-Bonsai Specimens

We have a selection of locally collected and nursery-grown material available for purchase and refinement.

Personal Collection & Garden

Follow along as we care, grow and share our Bonsai collection and garden journey.

About Aldamira

Founded in 2021, Aldamira is a private garden and hobby nursery owned by artist and designer Lyle Murphy. Coming from a family of gardeners, he first began growing Bonsai after college on his apartment balcony as a therapeutic outlet from the stress of a corporate career. Since then, Lyle’s passion, knowledge, and private collection have only continued to grow into it’s present form.

While primarily focused on cold-hardy conifers and deciduous tree’s native to North America, the garden utilizes a heated greenhouse, polytunnel, shed, and indoor storage area for advanced winter care of exotic species. Despite the challenging climate of Southeast Michigan (Zone 6B), Aldamira hosts a niche collection of temperate, subtropical, and tropical trees. 

Located in the Southeast Michigan metropolitan area between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Aldamira is an ongoing project to cultivate, study and share the rewarding art of Bonsai.

An Appreciation of Nature in Bonsai

Off the Beaten Path

A personal journey to learn and develop Bonsai skills in a informal garden setting.

Out in the Wilderness

Exploring the natural wilderness, both local and foreign for inspiration.

Spirit of Nature

Creating designs, compositions and landscapes to reflect Nature.

Follow Our Story

Inspired by a lifelong love of European fairy tales, North American folklore, and modern fantasy, the garden’s name "Aldamira" originates from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Quenya Elvish language and translates to “beautiful tree-jewel”.

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Detroit Metropolitan Area, MI

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